eco lessons

They are run by the Self-Mades studio, which implements the socio-educational programme “Meet the Monster, or the ABC of a Real Eco-Ninja”. The project was initiated as part of the “Traces” cycle, introduced in 2016. The title Monster symbolizes problems which our planet faces.
It is an offer of free lessons for primary schoolchildren, conducted within the framework of the programme entitled “The ABC of a Real Eco-Ninja. Will Designers Save the World?”. The lesson, together with a board game, help reinforce everyday habits limiting carbon dioxide emissions (the carbon footprint is represented by the Monster’s big feet) and minimizing waste (the Monster’s tail).
Our Eco-Lessons are meant to familiarize children with some simple rules (techniques of fighting with the Monster) which everyone who wants to be eco-friendly should know. The lessons are conducted in the workshop room of the Institute.


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