public space studio

The Public Space Studio is active in several fields, including architecture, design and art. It is entirely recipient-oriented, so each project is carried out with the participation of its future users. All project decisions are based on prior social consultations and workshops. An essential element of the Studio’s activity is the context of the place, connected with innovative solutions. Its main principles include changing the space and raising the awareness of city dwellers. The Studio’s architects co-operate with institutions in Poland and abroad, using their fieldwork experience.

Main projects carried out by the Studio:

Municipal Salon, Kielce Market Square, 2013-2017
The Crown is Green, Municipal Park interventions, Kielce 2015-2016
Putting in order the signboards and advertisements in Kielce’s city centre, 2015-2017
Around the Space, development of the geological reserves of Kadzielnia and Wietrznia, 2016-2017
Lalkarnia, adaptation of the former synagogue and national archive for the Puppet Theatre Centre, development of the area, 2017


Good Pattern 2013 for the Municipal Salon, Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw.


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