This exclusive workshop and lecture programme is addressed to anyone interested in self-sufficiency, craft, design and self-development. It allows an independent and conscious transformation of the surrounding world in a practical and aesthetic way. The programme serves those keen on understanding how and by means of what materials things around us are made. Self-Mades are about good sense and resourcefulness, ability to make an appliance or tool you need rather than just buying it. It also makes economic sense.
The programme includes a series of workshops for adults and children (Little Self-Mades) concerning various subject matters but sharing the same idea – the objects are all self-made, including traditional handicraft supported by modern materials and new technologies, culinary activity concerning what’s on the plate, table and around them, as well as practical and functional household objects. The workshops are thematic (e.g. travel, hospitality, traces, etc) and their results as well as the acquired skills may be applied in everyday life.
The workshops are typically run at weekends. Due to limited availability, prior registration is required.


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