the team

Aleksandra Banaś

educational programme coordinator / exhibition production support

041 3676801 ext. 112

Runs Design Lessons, an educational programme for schools. Responsible for organizing various thematic workshops for children, adults and senior citizens. Cooperates with young Polish brands in preparing Institute exhibitions.

Agnieszka Boszczyk

reading room / event coordinator

041 3676801 ext. 108

Qualified librarian. Arranges author readings and design book promotions. Her duties also include organizing other Institute events. Son Mateuszek organizes her free time.

Roman Chajzler

repairman / fitter

041 3676801 ext. 111

Technical team employee. Responsible for repairs in the Institute and Castle Hill. Experienced fitter. Family man who likes visiting interesting places.
Marta Dachowska

041 3676801 ext. 111

Ceramicist. Runs workshops, organizes residencies and studio practices. What she values in design is utility, a consequence of her education (she studied design, architecture and ceramics).

Paula Dulnik

social media specialist

041 3676801 ext. 112

Co-organizer of Startup Weekend Kielce. Ambassador of Startup Poland. Local organizer of Geek Girls Carrots. Likes rap and pizza. Overuses the expression I’m psyched.

Michał Gdak


041 3676801 ext. 107

Architect and sculptor. Balances between art and architecture in his work. Values site context and future users of projects. Inveterate world-curious free spirit.

Olga Grabiwoda

workshop woordinator, educational and social programme coordinator

041 3676801 ext. 108

Łódź Cinema School and SWPS graduate. Founder of Wesoła Kawka and Kawka Zabawka, Kielce’s popular cafes. Runs Self-Mades and Committed, her own programmes. Fire juggler in free time.

Dominika Janicka


041 3676801 ext. 107

Architect. Curator and originator of the Fair Building concept. Represented Poland at the 15th Biennale of Architecture in Venice. Co-runs the Public Space Studio in Kielce’s Institute of Design (since 2014).

Krzysztof Kucharczyk

director of the Institute of Design

Director Art historian and manager in one. Work is his passion, and he is its most action-inducing element. Eats out. Dreams of a convertible and peace of mind.

Joanna Kurkiewicz
exhibition producer / workshop coordinator

041 3676801 ext. 112

Qualified graphic artist specializing in paper and print. Produces exhibitions and coordinates educational projects (e.g. Design Lessons, her own idea). Promotes young Polish brands in her Institute exhibitions.
Dominik Nowak

administrative and technical coordinator

041 3676801 ext. 120

Warsaw School of Economics graduate. Supervises Castle Hill logistics and the technical team assisting operations of all studios. Likes sport, motoring, workouts and burgers.

Judyta Marczewska

visual communication designer / researcher

041 3676801 ext. 111

Ceramicist. Runs workshops, organizes residencies and studio practices. What she values in design is utility, a consequence of her education (she studied design, architecture and ceramics).
Wiesław Stefaniec
carpenter / fitter

041 3676801 ext. 111

Technical team employee in charge of the joinery. Indispensable master of wood treatment and precision assembly. Passionate about bees and honey. Lovely Mr. Fix-It.

Monika Stoińska

marketing coordinator

041 3676801 ext. 119

Promotes Institute events in all possible ways. Once a journalist, now coordinates media contacts. Supervises interns and trainees. Cannot live without dance. Passionate about old cinema.
Dariusz Ścisło

graphic artist / visual communica-tion

041 3676801 ext. 109

Torun University graduate, Faculty of Artistic Education (Multimedia). Professional graphic artist, illustrator and photographer. Karate instructor in free time.
Jakub Święcicki

textile studio designer
Budding designer. Keeps developing his knowledge of product design, graphics, advertising and textile management. Hates people who are lazy or lack passion.