textile studio

The Textile Studio focuses its core activities on the inhabitants of the city. It is open to designers, residents and students, who can work on their projects from scratch, under the Institute’s motto (which e.g. in 2017 was “Hospitality”, and in 2018 – “Respect”).

The Studio combines contemporary trends in fashion and design with traditional methods of textile ornamentation. Its most important technique of fabric decoration is computer embroidery, but others are also used, including traditional embroidery, silk painting, fabric printing, patchwork and batik.

The practice of textile design is based on experiments with embroidery leading to optimum solutions which may then be used on an industrial scale. The Studio prepares prototypes of embroidered fabrics used e.g. in furniture and accessory decoration. This experience is more and more often used by commercial enterprises, which prepare joint projects with the Studio.

The Studio’s offer also includes open workshops for all age groups. Their aim is to show its participants how easy it is to make everyday objects without the use of a needle and thread. During the workshops they use machines and threads free of charge to mend old trousers, bags, or even make their own rucksack.


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