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The main objectives of the Institute of Design in Kielce are promotion, experimenting, production and education. The Institute’s activities are carried out in its studios, well- equipped with modern technologies. Each studio is also prepared to serve educational purposes by running workshops, organizing specialist training, practices, internships and artistic residencies.

The Institute of Design is a modern exhibition and conference centre. The unique 19th-century building houses the exceptional interiors of the Main Gallery and Gate Gallery. The Institute’s display space features exhibitions presenting both Polish and international design.

The project studios of the Institute of Design are venues for realizations connected with urban space and visual communication. In 2013 the Institute was awarded the Good Pattern Award for the system of modular city furniture. In 2016 its designers represented Poland at the 15th Biennale of Architecture in Venice.

The Ceramics Studio is one of the Institute’s flagship offers. It boasts professional, state-of-the-art equipment used in making functional and artistic ceramics, including e.g. electric and gas kilns. The Institute also hosts the FabLab Science and Technology Association, co-operating with the Ceramics Studio. Its founders created Poland’s first Gaja 3D printer capable of working on ceramics and semisolid mass.

We also have a well-supplied Reading Room, promoting the value and significance of design, lettering and poster. It offers books and publications about ceramics, glass, design, architecture, graphics, as well as the history and theory of design.

Our aim is to promote the value of design in production, lifestyle and marketing. Our activities support not only the design process, but above all its implementation. We promote the development of co-operation between designers and the industry. Educational values are especially important for us.